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We Are Argarium

VR Games that bring people together

Our Story

Argarium, headquartered in sunny Tel Aviv, was founded in 2021. We started out with 3 young entrepreneurs, but soon expanded and became a team of professional developers, animators, artists, and engineers. We strive to always be in the front line of the exciting and groundbreaking industry of VR and AR. Most of all, we at Argarium prioritize our players' enjoyment, and go the extra mile to ensure they gain numerous memorable and positive experiences.

Our first title "Rival Rides" will be published in Q3 2022. “Rival Rides” is an exciting multiplayer VR party game set in an out-of-this-world theme park. Players compete with their friends online in various mini-games and wild rides, in order to collect the highest amount of golden egg trophies and become the Rival Ride’s champion.

Our Values

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